Monthly Archives: April, 2014

Reading list- Botswana Calling


Dr. Ice has advised us to read as much as possible to prepare ourselves for our study abroad program in Botswana. This concurred with my habit of effusive reading about any place that I plan to visit. However, this time, with a thesis to complete and courses to work on and planning for parents visiting USA, I was finding it increasingly difficult to plan for the Botswana trip well ahead.

Two of the required readings for program participation are the books: Saturday is for Funerals by Unity Dow and Culture Smart Botswana by Mike Main. When I went to collect the books from our OU library, I couldn’t help searching whether there are more books about Botswana. I was, indeed, surprised to find quite some books in the library collection through a cursory search. So, this is my reading list so far before I head for Botswana. Let’s see how many I can complete!