Just chilling:)

I had slept late last night after having long skype conversations with my parents in Bangladesh and Bhaiya (brother) in Australia. Isn’t the world getting too small? When Wame knocked my window to call me for breakfast in the morning, I was still asleep. As I rubbed my eyes and told that I’d be ready in half an hour, he informed that my luggage has arrived. I was ecstatic; last night I had thought that my luggage was lost and was looking into procedures of claiming luggage. My brother sent me a very useful link about the baggage rules for delayed, damaged and lost luggage. Check it out here . Although, I thankfully don’t need to use it, very useful information: I think not a lot of people know that you can get compensated up to $3,300 for lost luggage and get reimbursed for reasonable purchases needed because of delayed luggage! I certainly did not know my rights when it comes to baggage rules!

I finally got to meet the other exchange students from other universities and countries who were also in the University of Botswana(UB) at present. It’s interesting how study abroad industry has flourished over the years at an astounding rate of 12% a year. As the world is becoming more globalized, there is more demand for graduates who have wider worldviews and diverse perspectives. Also, as the internet has facilitated communication system through skype, facebook etc. and information availability through blogs, tripadvisor and so on, the uncertainty of going to a different country has greatly decreased. If it was 15 years ago, I think my mother would never have been supportive to such experience because of all the uncertainties that the internet has diminished. Whereas it’s common sense that traveling and new experiences enrich individual’s insights, it was interesting to find that research has actually found that study abroad experiences boost creativity or cognitive processes involved in developing innovative solutions.

It was a great experience meeting exchange students not only from other universities in USA, but also from countries like Switzerland, Trinidad etc. Case Western University seems to have an interesting program for engineers who usually have fewer study abroad programs geared towards them when compared to students in social sciences and arts. They had a mandatory course offered that students could take as a study abroad class or a regular class. The students I talked to appreciated the course being offered through this system that enables them to fulfill required course credits while being at a different country providing enriching experiences.

After I retrieved my luggage, the day was relaxing. In the afternoon, I walked to the Riverwalk Mall with some other students. The mall is Western-styled with fast food chain, brand chains and superstores. If I was taken their blindfolded, I would not know which country the mall was in. This could easily be any other mall in any country. It was interesting to see the familiar Bata and Wimpy in the mall, that we have in Bangladesh. I was told that Gaborone doesn’t have McDonald’s, but has KFC. Fast food is increasingly becoming popular among the youth. This seems to be the identical story in every country in the world. Whereas this convergence of culture makes the world coming together and interaction easier, I have my doubts about the impacts of it. However, that is a long discussion for another day.

To sum it up, today was a much-needed relaxing day. Whenever, anyone asks our Resident Assistant Wame about what he did or what he plans to do, the kid always replies: “Just chilling”. As I sign off, that’s the best way I could think of describing my day: “Just chilling”!:)


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  1. Be inspired and Keep inspiring, my friend…

  2. So happy your luggage has arrived and that you’ve had a chance to relax and enjoy Gabs!

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