Okay, what is Prirney!!!

This blog is an effort to chronicle my journey: starting from my roller-coaster of thoughts to some travel experience to just life! Prirney means Priyanka’s journey through time, through countries, through LIFE!

I have loved writing ever since I could remember! The habit started through my parents encouraging my brother and me to write about experience of any out-of-town trips. I have kept a personal journal since childhood to the ending of my college. I had some previous blogs, facebook notes and random write-ups stored in word files in some disks. This blog is an effort to compile all of them!

I have been meaning to start a blog for long. When I got the opportunity to travel to Botswana for research on summer 2014, I felt that was the most unique time to restart writing for fun again! But, like most things in life, I didn’t continue. Now, on summer of 2018, I am again trying to restart chronicling my travel journeys!

So, there goes what Prirney or Priyanka’s journey is all about!


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